Teaching Your Child to Give

This past summer my son, Luke, had his first job. He worked for his granddad, Coach as he calls him. Coach offered him the opportunity to cut grass with him. Each time Coach paid Luke, he gave him the specific bills so that Luke would be able to tithe without having to ask for further change.

Why was that important for Luke? Why would Coach even bother going to the hassle of making sure he had the right change? Because the obedience of giving to the church is something we want to instill at an early age in our children. Not only do we want to help them with this, but thankfully so do their grandparents.

When I was growing up this was a normal part of our family conversations. It was not a hidden act nor was it an opportunity for my parents to brag. It was simply an expectation in our lives. When my wife, Gloria, and I got married we were thankfully both on the same page. Before we even considered how much money we had, there was always a tithe going to the church. 

I think many of us learned this from our parents. Perhaps some of us learned it as we have been further discipled, but are we intentionally teaching our children the obedient step of generous, cheerful giving?

Here are three steps to help your children learn to be givers.

  1. Show them that you give. This is harder than it used to be. We often do so much of our giving online that our children do not watch us put money in the offering plate. So we need to actually allow them to see us making those intentional efforts.
  2. Give them opportunities to earn money. You might choose to give an allowance or you can have them work to earn money for specific projects. Help them set aside a tithe as soon as they receive the money. This will get them in the habit of giving to God first.
  3. Participate in giving together. Plan a project and work together to raise money as a family. Consider saving up for a mission trip or giving a special gift to someone at Christmas. Use this opportunity to specifically teach your kids about the joy of giving.

Make it a priority to pray for your children to follow you as you obey the Lord in faithfully giving back to Him.

Author:  Chad Hunsberger is the Lead Pastor at Colonial Heights Baptist Church.