Why Weekday Ministry?

Weekday ministry programs, such as mother’s morning out and preschool, are common among churches.  Yet I often find that pastors and the church body aren’t quite sure how the Weekday Ministry fits into their church’s ministry vision.  

In my work as a Preschool Minister and a Weekday Director, I have found 4 major reasons for a church to actively invest and support a Weekday Ministry.

  • Your church can directly bless your community by meeting critical needs. 

Research has shown childcare is a major issue for most American families.  Approximately 60% of families with young children rely on childcare1, and families report spending approximately 13% of their total income on childcare2.  Access to high-quality and affordable early education is a clear priority for many families. 

Jesus gave us an example of meeting physical needs as an entry point to discussing people’s greater spiritual needs.  From providing wine at a wedding, feeding the 5000, and healing the sick, Jesus was always mindful of the pressing needs of those he encountered.  

  • Weekday Ministry ministers to people that other church ministries aren’t reaching.

In my position, I am blessed to get to know many families of different faiths and belief systems.  We share two important commonalities – a love for their children and a desire that they learn and grow.  This common thread can overcome many differences.  Families who would not be comfortable attending a worship service or Bible study feel comfortable allowing their child to attend a church-based preschool because of their confidence in the level of care that their child will receive.  This leads to opportunities to pray with families, minister in tangible ways when they experience difficulties, and share God’s word with entire family units.  For many that we serve, we are their primary connection to the local church.  

  • Weekday Ministry connects families to other church ministries.

Weekday Ministry serves as a vital bridge to help families grow increasingly comfortable with the church, the church staff, and the church’s beliefs.  We are intentional with maintaining a culture that is mindful of always inviting families to Sunday services, Wednesday activities, and other church-wide events.  We seek connection points by inviting our pastors and ministers to our family events and handing out devotion guides or other gifts to families who attend these events. Each time our weekday families attend a non-weekday church event, their comfort with the local church increases, leading to more engagement with the Gospel. 

  • Weekday Ministry proclaims the Good News to those who have not heard.  

Preschool is often tragically overlooked within the church setting.  What things did you learn in your early years that you still remember today? You can probably come up with quite a list.  In addition to walking, talking, and the ABC’s- I also learned the Gospel and the plan of salvation.  The knowledge I learned in preschool changed the trajectory of my life when I took action on it in faith.  

We work to take captive every moment to share with children and families the transforming work of Jesus Christ. We work with the knowledge that God’s word is living, active, and powerful.  We believe that the seeds of faith that are planted by our teachers will bear fruit in season.   

I often hear from parents that there is something different about our preschool.  I am quick to share that the different spirit they feel is Jesus.  Although early care and education is a great need, our churches are missing the mark if we provide a service without pointing families to their ultimate Provider and Salvation. 

Why Weekday Ministry?  For our church, it is because we love our community and desire to take every opportunity to share with them the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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2 U.S. Department of Treasury, The Economics of Childcare Supply in the United States, (2021).

Written by Christi Kelly – Colonial Heights Baptist Church Weekday Preschool Director